Our dear friends - 

This is it. No more Tales From The Parent’s Basement. We’re still……. dealing with it. It’s going to be weird. Luckily, we’re all good friends and will continue to see each other. We’ll continue to make jokes, talk about comics, and hear Cally make racist remarks and tell horrible jokes. We’ll still be around – but we just won’t be recording it. 

We had an amazing time doing this. We accomplished more with this podcast than we ever dreamed of. We put out a comic! We interviewed amazing creators! We made good friends with people from across the comic industry – and across the globe! But most importantly, we had a hell of a great time. 

Thank you to the fine companies (and people) that sent us free comics. Thank you to everyone we interviewed. (A special thank you to everyone at Accent UK. We can never repay you for your faith and kindness.)

And most of all, thank YOU. Thank you for listening to us crack wise, be fools, and have a great time.

We love you, and we’ll miss you. Take care of yourselves.

Reviews for this week: Our past episodes

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Welcome to episode 3 of our relaunch! This week we have a longtime buddy join us in Ryan’s absence. John, one of the hosts from the Burnt Weiners podcast steps in to make sure we get that explicit iTunes rating. We talk some news including Jamie Rich’s new project Bobby Pins and Mary Janes which is his new serialized novel and we talk about some other things we have been reading.
You can find John’s podcast at burntweiners.com

Reviews for the week: Shadow #1 and Goon #39

Musical Selection: Together Again by the Muppets


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Hey gang, welcome back to the second episode of our relaunch! Wheeeee!
We start off with our age-old tactic of insulting lots of famous comic book writers and artists – and then ask them to come on the show. It’s got to work one of these days, right?!?!? We discuss some news, including two really stupid things that DC is doing: firing Chris Roberson, and putting out zero issues of their really really new comics. (See, we didn’t even throw Before Watchmen in there, because WE ARE NICE PEOPLE)
We have some reviews, Cally does Cold Storage (with musical accompaniment – hooray!), Spence pulls out his sweaty, musty old sack for us all to enjoy, and Perfect Strangers is mentioned! Now we do the dance of joy!
Reviews for this week: The Secret History Of D.B. Cooper #1 & 2 and Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 & 2
Musical Selection: Catalina by Cuzco
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Our longtime friend and all around good guy Dan Fraga drops by the basement again to talk about his role as director of the Ricky Gervais Show! Season three premieres Friday, April 20th on HBO. he lets us peak behind the curtain of the amazing show and delights with some very funny stories. The interview then gets more intimate with Dans feelings about his comic book career. We owe this dude way more than we can ever repay!
After our chat with the mega-awesome Dan Fraga, we get into our podcast relaunch! Whoo hoo, we’re starting with #1 again! Next up, #600.1 (Marvel-style!)
Cally has a “pants Pinocchio” as we discuss the latest and greatest comic news, including Mark Waid’s digital throwdown. After the news, we share our memories and reviews of our second trip to Emerald City Comic Con! We had a wonderful time, ate burritos, played some HeroClix, talked to some creators, and bought some comics. Spence reviews Joelle Jones’ “Girl Who Owned A City” and Ed Brubaker’s “A Complete Lowlife”, and Ryan reviews “First Moon”, “Between Gears”, and new (to Ryan) James Baker mini-comics!
All this, plus Cally reads some Teen Titans, and the return (even though it’s not official canon anymore because of our relaunch) of Spence’s Musty Old Sack! Hooray!
Join us again, won’t you?
We love you.
Reviews for this week: Lots of stuff!
Musical Selection: dead leaves on the dirty ground by Chris Thile
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So you think you know all about that underground crime lab located beneath Wayne manor from which Batman bases his global war on crime? Think again! The Brothers Douglas have brought you another installment of “A Beginner’s Guide to Comics,” featuring the Batcave. Listen as we take you back to civil war era Batcave all the way through it’s present incarnation. We talk about all of the items Batman has lifted off of crime scenes and brings into his Hall of Trophies. As a bonus, we even get to see a silly fat Alfred.

Please enjoy our discussion as we give you way more than you ever wanted to know about the Batcave. Thanks for listening. Please let us know if there are any other guides you want us to do at talesfromtheparentsbasement@gmail.com

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The entire gang – with the exceptions of Cally, Nate, and Jim – get together for a fond look back at the comics and great times of 2011. Tears are shed, laughter is shared, remembrances are remembered, cities are built (you’ll get it later), and auld langs are syne’d. (It increases their value, by the way)

We discuss some news, including some really moving tributes by Spencer to some recently and dearly departed comic book creators (R.I.P.). Ryan then shares some news that will make his 2012 be the greatest year ever (until the world ends next December, of course). Mark, Spence, and Ryan all share their top 6-14 comics of the year, even though Spence has to dip out to get yelled at for a little bit. This fortunately allows Ryan and Mark to talk about their special bond -  a bond so moving and intimate that no one else can understand! (especially Spence!!!)

Hope to see you all next year, everyone! (or this year because the show was out a little late… oops.


Musical Selection:  ”The Way We Were” by Barbara Streisand

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Killer Art from our Boy Dan Fraga's Santa the Barbarian

Hey everybody, it’s us again! Full of assorted nogs and holiday cheer, the TPB gang lights a yule log and spreads some seasonal joy (and maybe some DNA) by talking about the inevitable Watchmen prequel, Nicolas Cage making tons of $$$ selling his Action Comics #1 (which might spark Cally’s new career as an auction buyer), and we also talk about how clones may or may not have souls.

Ryan fondly bids adieu to Batman: The Brave and The Bold cartoon which Spence – somehow (hint: illegally) – saw months and months ago. Marvel cancels a whole bunch of stuff and the Muppets Take The Megaplex. For the second episode in a row we talk about Condorman, do some trash talk of Bendis and Liefeld, and then talk about the “Death Wish” movies for some reason and how racist they were. This then prompts a racist joke from Ryan, instead of Cally. Please forgive him, everybody. (Tis’ the Season, after all!)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Reviews for this week: Lots of stuff!

Musical selection: Ron Sexsmith – Maybe This Christmas

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Hello, listeners! Nice to see you again. It’s been a while since the TPB gang has graced your earholes with some audio delights, so let’s party like it’s 2003!!! Spence, Mark, Jim and Ryan take a little while to warm up to their old podcasting ways, so they talk about other podcasts they could start, reminisce about Condorman, and share some exciting (and some not-so-exciting) news from NYCC. (No offense meant to you, Mark Bagley!) After reviewing a whole slew of things – including books from old pals/TPB alums Mike Raicht, Kirk “Manly” Manley, and Jamie S. Rich – , the boys talk about comic book shows and movies that exist, and some that don’t! The TPB gang also realizes a sad universal truth – most orphans are probably pretty depressed. Bummer.

Reviews for this week: The Pack, Goodbye Chunky Rice, Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors, Z-Girl and the Four Tigers, Spellcheckers Vol. 2 – and more!

Musical selection: Everclear – Santa Monica

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Hey everyone! Have you heard the crazy news? People are talking about DC Comics! No, not just Anne Hathaway’s dumb costume or the crappy Wonder Woman TV show that never aired – but the actual comics themselves!!!! Not only that, they are selling a F-Load of issues! What is this, Elseworlds?!?!?!

Batman cries with joy as we talk about the DC madness that is sweeping this nation! We review all of the newly relaunched comics that came out (as of the taping), Ryan helpfully points at comic panels you can’t see, and we give you the nitty-gritty on what’s going on. We also wag our finger at greedy comic stores! Mark gets some Lemire love-time, and Spence gets to talk about Liefeld! That’s a Win/Win, folks. All this, plus we give some shout-outs to a group of local hometown heroes! Don’t worry anymore, Ryan and other drunks of Ogden, Utah – someone is here to help!

Reviews for this week:  A lot of DC stuff.
Musical Selection: “Changes” by David Bowie

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Here at Tales from the Parents’ Basement, we are committed to giving you top notch education in addition to all the normal stuff we cram down your throats. Today, (mostly because we had issues getting the crew together) we bring you the second episode of our “A Beginner’s Guide to Comics.” This is a show where we pick out a character from comics and impart our vast knowledge to you, dear listener, about this character.

This week we feature the duo “Power Man and Iron Fist,” The hard hittin’, crime fightin’, lady lovin’ Heroes for Hire. Find out how Danny Rand got that there tattoo and where he got his name from. Find out What Luke Cage’s real name is (as well as that of Nic Cage).

Musical Selection: Iron Fist by Motorhead

Download this sucka!

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