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Phil Hester is a REAAAAAAALLY busy guy. (Don’t believe us? Check this out: ) That’s why it was so awesome that he would take a few minutes and talk to us! The Eisner-nominated Mr. Hester is a very very talented man – he’s not only a helluva writer but a tremendous artist as well! We chat with him about The Anchor (with our pal Churilla), Black Terror, his run on The Darkness, Gen13, Swamp Thing, Firebreather, his relationship with Kevin Smith, being a writer vs. being an artist, Green Arrow AND Green Hornet, and much more.

We get some info on his upcoming work, his dream job, Cartoon Network, and him dissing Cally with the most awesome book dedication EVER. As you will hear, Phil is an extremely nice guy and he loves his comics. Like we mentioned, he’s an extremely busy and prolific guy – so do yourself a favor and go pick up some of his stuff! He rules.

After the wonderful interview, it all goes down the tubes – as usual. We talk about the new Blue Beetle live-action show, Al Williamson (R.I.P.), behind the scenes of the Thor movie, the Walking Dead tv show, the new Spider-Man video game, and more news. Best of all……. Spence impressions! Hooray! Then Spence talks about Batman #700, and him and Cally go back-and-forth with Mike Mignola love/hate. (Well, pretty much all love and some anger about his career decisions – that’s a more accurate description, I guess)

Thanks for joining us!

Phil Hester’s Choice for outro music: Analyse by Thom Yorke

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We are delighted to present to you our wonderful interview with the amazingly-talented Eisner-nominated artist extraordinaire, Fiona Staples! If you listened to our podcast at all during 2009 you heard us gushing about her beautiful art in Wildstorm’s “North 40″, and we get to talk to her about upcoming projects, artistic process, favorite drinks, influences, the delightful Aaron Williams, DV8, The Mystery Society, Northlanders, and much much more! Check it out!

We’re all big fans of Fiona, and it was really cool to be able to talk to her. Even cooler, this is the second time we’ve talked to her! (The first one was lost due to technical issues. Woe is us.) We really appreciate her forgiving us and letting us do another interview. Please check out her amazing work at:

Thanks again, Fiona! We owe you some booze.

After the interview, the TPB gang continue to bring the podcast down with enough dick jokes and crude humor to make a sailor uncomfortable!

Fiona was kind enough to pick our musical selection this time and boy, it is a tasty auditory treat. Link Wray: 5-10-15-20

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Seriously?!?!?! Seriously.

We are extremely proud to present to you our interview with the one-and-only Rick Remender! Holy smokes! Rick is an awesome writer (and artist!), and you know from his work on Fear Agent, The Last Days Of American Crime, Doctor Voodoo, The End League, The Punisher, and much much more! In one of our funniest interviews ever, Rick lays it down about his history with comics, an in-depth discussion about Fear Agent, his love of sci-fi, his work in the video game field, the straight edge movement, Gigantic, making the Punisher play with the rest of the Marvel U, some of his stuff being optioned for movies, and a hell of a lot more.

Not to “toot his dick” too much, but Rick was super-cool dude, and we really really appreciated the chance to talk to him. Cally has been harassing him for a long time, so we’re very glad that he finally caved in. Check Rick out at:

After the interview, things get down to regular business – we talk about dirty stuff! (The Batman XXX porn, to be exact) There’s lots of news including the Eisner nominations, a new Green Lantern cartoon, and awesome Batman figures from DC Direct! Ryan talks about the Avengers stuff going on right now (and has harsh words for Doc Savage?!?!?!), Nate has a Nate’s Corner segment, and all of us lovingly adore the newest offering from our pals across the pond, Accent UK!

Review for this week: The Man Of Glass from Accent UK

Nate’s Corner Review: Invincible Vol. 1

Music Selection: Out Of Step by Minor Threat

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